I'm just a college student at Mississippi State, trying to finish my degree and learn things at the same time. I'm not the average twenty-something, though. I'm a cancer surviving daughter of a single mother. I love to work with plants and people, so that's my major. I have awesome friends who would destroy the world for me if I needed them to. I'm a strong Christian that's finding their way through this life, and this is my story.

If you use GMO—-in any form—- I will unfriend, ignore, uninvite, etc. you

As a horticulture graduate, nothing angers me more than ignorant people using the term “GMO”. Why, you ask? Because our very planet depends on it. 

People act like modifying genetics is new or somehow bad. WE HAVE LITERALLY BEEN DOING IT FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS YOU IDIOTS. Anytime you breed together two different types of organism—two plants of the same species, subspecies, or even interspecies, IT IS GENETICALLY MODIFYING THAT ORGANISM. RESULTS ARE NOT DEPENDABLE. JUST BECAUSE WE DO IT IN A LAB WITH MORE CONCENTRATED FOCUSES DOES NOT MAKE IT A BAD THING.

Do you know how we are able to feed the planet? Because over the years, through continued breeding for desirable traits, we came across a way to dwarf certain species of corn, wheat, and rice. These species, despite being higher in calories, lower in nutrition, and more susceptible to insects and fungi, reacted to fertilizer in such a way that it produced huge crops in comparison to previous yields. INDIA WOULD HAVE DIED IN THE SIXTIES. The Green Revolution turned that around. NO ONE HAS SUCCESSFULLY PROVEN THAT GENETICALLY MODIFIED CROPS, WHICH ARE IN FACT ALL CROPS, ARE SOMEHOW MORE THREATENING FOR YOU.

If all farms were to switch to basically any organic standard this minute, there would simply not be enough food. Organic farming, a very loose term with its own problems, would take over our lives and reduce our world to a grinding halt. Check your facts. Know your history. That is all.

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"[The book Tim was reading] was Jacob’s idea. It’s the notion that often people with PTSD will regress. They’ll go to reading, and entertainment, or whatever that reminds them of a happier, simpler time, and also fantasy. So the idea that he’s reading books not unlike Harry Potter seemed right.”

'Justified' EP Graham Yost talks 'Kin' in weekly postmortem, EW.com

When this much effort goes into Tim, there’s such a story in every little thing he does. Like everyone here— the book he reads or why he picks up a pair of sunglasses, it’s got some weight to it, something interesting. In this pair of scenes, the visual parallel with Tim and Colt is what gets me. Colt drives up, Tim steps behind his truck for cover. Raylan walks up, Colt steps behind his truck for cover. No comment on it, no attention drawn to it. Just that little step of defense. Just that shared instinct and training and past.

But that’s not even the part I like most, how they’re both using their trucks as a shield. It’s how, for those quick few minutes before Raylan comes down the mountain, they’re not.